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Signatory Vintage AYRSHIRE, 40 год.


Бутилирано от: Signatory

Дестилирано: Октомври 1975 година

Бутилирано: Декември 2015 година

Отлежало:  40 години

Количество:  166 бутилки в света

Алкохолно съдържание: 47.10%

700 мл.

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Цена при нас: 2,330.00лв.
Получи в магазина ни на цена: 2,260.10лв.
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Ayrshire 40yo 1975 (70cl, 47.1%)


Ooh, an indie Rare Ayrshire! These are indeed very rare, as the distillery from which the whisky came from has long been closed. This is a 40 year old rare Ayrshire single malt, put into its bourbon barrel in October 1975 and bottled in December 2015. Just 166 bottles were produced by Signatory for their Cask Strength Collection Rare Reserve.

Nose: Apple and anise, with touches of peppery oak and brown sugar.

Palate: Deliciously, robustly malty, with fruity esters developing later on. Think "pineapple" and you won't be far off.

Finish: Apple pie with a good burst of cinnamon.