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Signatory Vintage KINCLAITH, 40 год.


Бутилирано от: Signatory

Дестилирано: Май 1969 година

Бутилирано: Октомври 2009 година

Отлежало:  40 години

Количество:  217 бутилки в света

Алкохолно съдържание: 47.30%

700 мл.

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Цена при нас: 7,550.00лв.
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Kinclaith 40yo 1969 (70cl, 47.3%)


Single malt whisky from Kinclaith is extremely rare and highly sought after. Built to provide malt whisky for the Long John blend, the distillery was only in operation for 18 years, between 1957 an 1975, before being demolished in 1982.
Located at the site of Strathclyde grain distillery, which still operates today, Kinclaith was the last malt distillery built in Glasgow. Aged for an extraordinary 40 years in cask 301445, only 217 bottles of this unbelievably rare whisky are available, bottled by Signatory as part of their Cask Strength Collection.

Nose: Deep malt and tobacco. Kiwi fruit, citrus and crème anglaise.

Palate: Dark, creamy oak and buttered toast, hints of cardamom, marmalade and plum.

Finish: Long, toasty wood chips, sarsaparilla, anise.

Overall: Sensational aged whisky from this closed lowland distillery. A real rarity.