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Edradour SFTC 2008 SHERRY 10 годишно, 0.5 лит.

Вид: Малцово уиски, сингъл малц 
Регион: Шотландия, Хайленд
Дестилерия: Edradour                                                                                            
Бутилатор: Дестилерията Edradour
58.3% alc, 0.5l 

  • Марка:
  • Код: EDR.SFTC.2000.Sherry
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Цена при нас: 131.50лв.
Получи в магазина ни на цена: 127.55лв.
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Aroma: The sweetness of red fruits, vanilla, caramel and sherry.

Taste: Strong and full on the tongue. The elegant sweetness is reminiscent of rum. Behind it are roasted almonds and chocolate and a hint of malt.

Finish: Long and spicy. Renewed fruit and some oak.

Color: dark red gold.

The Edradour SFTC 10 years 2008/2018 Sherry Cask belongs to a small annual bottling bottled in cask strength. Packed in wooden boxes and with 0.5 liters, this batch number is limited to 933 bottles. The Edradour SFTC 10 years 2008/2018 Sherry Cask matured exclusively in an ex-sherry barrel with the number 16 and offers a huge impression of dark fruits and dark chocolate. The bottling is bottled in its natural form: non-colored and with a strong 58.3% vol. pulled on the bottles. An absolute pleasure. Age 10 years. Distilled on 30.01.2008 and bottled on 08.02.2018.